“The height of the agency’s success relies on its employees’ attitude” – Dr. Noel T. Tarrazona

Supporting the agency’s mission to protect, restore and enhance environmental quality towards
good public health, environmental integrity and economic viability, the Environmental
Management Bureau IX spearheaded by the Administrative Section through the NOTACOR
Training Group, conducted a 2-day Work, Attitude and Values Enhancement (W.A.V.E)
Training Workshop for EMB IX newly appointed and promoted personnel on June 27-28,
2022, at Garden Orchid Hotel, Zamboanga City.

The 2-day Training Workshop focused on identifying rotten attitudes that makes one a liability
to the organization. Dr. Tarrazona introduced 3 modules. Module 1: The W.A.V.E Culture,
Module 2: Focusing on the Goal and Module 3: Workshop.
The New breed of employees were taught and reminded on the CORE Values that one should
possess to be able to contribute to the agency’s success.

This is the Management’s initiative to produce and empower a fully dedicated and committed
future Leaders of the environment, producing highly commendable public service