integrated policy

To express intentions, directions and aims of ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT BUREAU REGION IX’s management regarding quality of its products and services, the Top Management, together with Department Heads, has established an Integrated Policy that is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization, and should support its strategic direction, provides a framework for establishing and setting quaity objectives, includes a statement of commitment to satisfy applicable requirements and commitment to meeting requirements and to continual improvemnet.

This integrated policy is communicated to all levels of organization to establish our own commitment and role towards attainment of this goal in any creative way. This is reviewed and evaluated annually or as necessary to monitor IMS performance and ensure its relevance. 

EMS Policy

The Environmental Management Bureau IX is committed to implement all policies, programs, targets, and activities particularly on Air Quality Management, Water Quality Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Ecological Solid Wste Management, and Toxic Substances and Hazardous Waste Management relevant to the functions and mandates of the Bureau by:

This organization is committed to the continuous improvement of environmental performance and policies, shall be known to all employees and be available to the public for transparency. 

qms policy

Environmental Management Bureau Region IX is Committed to achieving excellence in the provision of services and continual improvement for its clients and partners at all times.

Our Organization aims to fulfill our policy through the following activities:


certified management systems

The organization “Environmental Management Bureau Region IX” as named in the certificate was audited and certificate was audited and certified by “TUV Rheinland Philippines”.

Certificate Scopes

     A. ISO 14001:2015

         Public Administration inclusive of Permitting and Monitoring Services

    B. ISO 9001:2015

         Public Administration inclusive of Permitting and Monitoring Services

Certificate Data

    A. Certificates for management system according to ISO 14001

    B. Certificates for management system according to ISO 900