About EMB 9 Laboratory

The EMB-9 Laboratory is a technical support unit of EMB-9. Its main function is to provide scientific data and information in support of the Office’s implementation of environmental laws, enforcement of environmental standards and policies, assessment of Region 9’s environment and adjudication of pollution cases.

The laboratory analyzes ambient water, wastewater, and ambient air samples following the analytical methods approved by the DENR-EMB. These methods are traceable to US EPA methods and other internationally recognized organizations (i.e. ASTM, AOAC, etc.).

The EMB-9 laboratory facility and office are located within EMB-9 complex, Lantawan, Pasonanca, Zamboanga City.

Our Quality Policy

          We, at the EMB R-9 Laboratory, in support of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ mandate to preserve and protect the environment, are committed to generate reliable, accurate, traceable and good quality scientific data that will be used in the formulation of environmental criteria, standards and policies; assessment of the quality of the country’s environment and enforcement of environmental laws, rules and regulations.

            It is therefore the policy of the EMB R-9 Laboratory to conduct its activities in accordance with internationally accepted requirements for the competence of testing laboratories and in compliance with environmental laws, rules and regulations.

            The Regional Director of EMB R-9 has the primary responsibility for the Quality Policy. He/she delegates responsibility for implementation according to the following chain of authority: the Laboratory Head as Quality and Technical Manager, the laboratory analysts and support staff.

            All staff concerned shall be familiar with the EMB R-9 Laboratory Quality Manual and comply at all times with the policy, procedures and work instructions and other related quality system documentation. 

Our Analysts and Staff

Environmental Analytical Services

Sample Submission Process

Contact Us

EMB-9 Laboratory Contact Details

Call us at:

(062) 926-7662

(062) 985-0428

(062) 985-0429

Email us @ emb9zambo@yahoo.com


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